Thursday, August 30, 2007

Approaching Women... Anywhere

We've all found ourselves, at one point or another in our lives, wanting to approach a beautiful woman. Whether she just walks past us, or is seated at a table across from us in the same restaurant, the thought has crossed our minds. But when the time came to approach them, we simply sat back and rationalized that it was not the appropriate time to make a move.Most men refuse to approach women because they have no idea how to go about it, especially on the street. Hey, if it's hard enough approaching women in clubs -- where the environment invites social communication -- then imagine how much harder it is when it comes to the outside world.

you never know who you'll meet
I've met a lot of beautiful women over the past few years, but the most interesting ones were those that I met by chance: on the street, in a caf or even at a restaurant. These women were also the ones I found most difficult to approach.The only problem is that the situation is a little trickier. Firstly, you only have a few moments to make a courageous move, unlike a dance club, where you have all night to break the ice. Secondly, because you're in a not so welcoming environment, some women might be afraid of your ways.

10 Common Mistakes Men Make
Unfortunately, some men don't realize that certain factors will deter a woman from accepting an advancement or invitation from a total stranger. Here are the top 10 common mistakes men make when approaching a woman:

1- Forgetting a woman's comfort zone

Just because you know that you're a nice guy, that doesn't mean she will too. It is important for you to realize that most women will be on their guard when you first approach them. This is normal, and the important thing is for you to come across as a harmless guy. A little humor usually helps.

2- Trying to fool women The second biggest error most men make is that they don't give women enough credit and respect. Most men think that they can fool a woman into giving them their number. Listen, women know that you're trying to pick them up, so don't beat around the bush. Be direct and let them know exactly what you want. By doing so, you'll come across as a confident and straightforward man


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